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Which Android Phone Suits You?

I saw this article on Engadget:

Google can tell you which Android phone you should buy

Android – Which Phone 2


And I was pretty captured by the silly Android avatars…and I love these silly tests…
and I gave it a try!

Screenshot (26)

Android – Which Phone 3

Android – Which Phone 4

The whole experience is very detailed, asking the right questions and very easy graphic MCQ…Screenshot (27)Android – Which Phone 5Screenshot (29)Here’s my diagnosis…Damn straight.

The purpose of these is to help you to buy android phones with much ease and great for people who are not very technical with the specs of the phones, and sometimes those lists of specs can be quite overwhelming for visual people like myself. I think this is a great tool.

If you reside in USA, you can choose your carrier and it will take you to the product page of the carrier which you can purchase online, or make a physical purchase.

Still fun although that last part doesn’t apply to us.



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