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imageI know I look like an idiot/ Bomberman.

For those of you millennial-brats who don’t know what Bomberman is…

I know what you are thinking, you’re a skeptic. Just like me.

  • How it works:
    You just put it on like a face-hugger and then breathe normally underwater, hence, its branding name ‘EASYBREATH’.

I tried it both in the swimming pool and the sea-side.
The impact will damage the window, and affect its integrity.

Basically there is a skirt of silicon, much like how your goggles work around your eye. The part that covers your nose and mouth is to make the breathing more efficient and not all over the top part where it might fog up your vision. During my usage, there was NO FOGGING. The window is treated with anti-fog, but I am not so sure if it might wear out after prolonged use, just like most great goggles and snorkeling masks.  I will update this in a few months.

Honestly, it induced a little of claustrophobia and aquaphobia. I was hella afraid that the water may either come in through the breathing tube valve or that the skirt of silicon might just come loose like any goggles.

The water doesn’t really come in through the breathing tube because there is a very smart valve that sounded like a ball inside. The whole experience was air-tight, and the straps were comfy.

You could check out its technical engineering drafts and copywriting here:

There are some VERY important points to take note during my experience:

  • Stray hairs, SAND, and debris are your ENEMY. These could prevent a tight seal around your face, and you need to do a check before going deeper than you can stand. SAND could also potentially get trapped in the valve, but not difficult to get it out.
  • Dear manly BEARDY gentlemen (or ladies), unfortunately, this mask is not cool enough to support your manliness. (Can’t form a seal, duh.)
  • Sometimes, the mask seem to block air. That is because, there is probably a wave that went over you, and the float/valve did its job of blocking the water from going in. Do not panic (I say so, but I totally panicked, and I was in a pool of children).
  • There is also a small drainage hole at the bottom so you do not have to take out the whole mask when you panic like I did just because sometimes little bit of water goes in.

But I have got to tell you, I am not a slim girl, but I got a very sharp face, and moderately pronounced cheekbones and brow bones. I am quite blessed with a minimal fat face even though I’m a chubby girl. I am telling you all these crap because I need to let you know that this mask we got, DOES NOT FIT MY FACE PERFECTLY because I do not have enough cheek flesh. It did FIT MY SISTER’S FACE PERFECTLY and it is not about who’s fatter, but who has more cheek flesh. The silicon skirt doesn’t really sit on my face well, and my chin keeps going into the mask when it’s supposed to rest on my chin. My hair was fucking annoying but more importantly it was the sad fact that my face was not destined for this wonderful and thoughtful innovation. The seal pops out every once in a while and the water goes into the mask in quite a wave and I was so fearful of sucking in water that it was like a waterboard torture scene in those spy movies.


We got size S/M (usually for women). L/XL are for men, there is a measurement chart guide on their website. But in my opinion, go try it out yourself at a shop before purchasing it online. There is no sure measurement that is perfect, and everyone’s shape is different. I guess this is something that they need to work out, having more in between sizes. I guess I am always that unlucky one who is ALWAYS in between sizes. But this is actually a life-threatening case, so I guess I cannot use it.

We bought it from DECATHLON SINGAPORE (this awesome French sports & Outdoor equipment shop that has finally decided to open their HQ in SG), we did go to the showroom to try it out before making the purchase, but I guess sometimes things just don’t always go the way I wanted.

Here’s the link to the product:

There’s only blue for now, but there is a shit ton of colors for this series, just I guess it’s just the waiting game now :)

I hope that answers some questions but if I have missed out any please comment below.




  1. 27th May 2015    

    Thanks for taking the time to write this :)

    • xynner's Gravatar xynner
      5th June 2015    

      No prob!

  2. Mink's Gravatar Mink
    8th July 2015    

    Thanks for writing. It does not fit for me too, it leave a little gap with my forehead. T_T

    • xynner's Gravatar xynner
      18th July 2015    

      Awman, glad I’m not alone!

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