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SECRET KEY Secret Kiss Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner


I bought these gel-liners on Qoo10 strictly on impulse, because I saw the color swatches and had to join in the current trend of colored eyeliners.

From top to bottom: #09 Warm Bronze, #11 Burgundy, #04 Golden Khaki x 2

Not paid by Qoo10 or the merchant, but I bought 1+1+1+1 at about $12.99 (special deal).
You can check out the purchase page here:
Relatively cheap compared to other local drugstore brands or Korean beauty brands.
I was very tempted by the extreme waterproof and oil-resistant traits and had to try it.

I took this video after doing the color swatches, and went out with it and had lots of questioning from mom. After which, I did many normal after-toilet routine handwashes with handsoap, and to my super-surprise, these lines really stayed on for a good hot and sweaty day.


  • Check out how violently I was rubbing the swatches!!!
  • Well of course I am not stupid and there’s this thing about our face and eyelids being more oily, and I tried it on my eyes too, like normal work routine.
  • It lasts until slightly towards 5pm (considering a normal work day).
  • It fades away gently, not patchy or strange.
  • I do not have oily lids, just very average ones.
  • Primed and naked lids have the same results.
  • Drawing over eyeshadow affects performance.

Right now, I am at almost half a pencil left on the #04 Golden Khaki liner.
I have got to say, I am honestly really impressed.


  • One of the most longest-lasting, strong and pigmented gel-eyeliners that I have tried so far.
  • They are indeed generally Waterproof, Oil-resistant, and swimming and beach-proof (tried all the above with actual activities, and not just spritzing chlorine water) and SMUDGE-proof (*Disclaimer: You need to wait for it to dry a little before smudging it on purpose).
  • As they are gel-liners, they are very easy to glide on, but a tad too smooth.
  • #04 Golden Khaki has larger shimmers than both #09 Warm Bronze and #11 Burgundy. Because of that, it might not apply as smooth as the other two.
  • My favourite so far is #11 Burgundy because I like its colors, and it makes my eyes look a bit sultry. But I wear #04 Golden Khaki the most because it is the most ‘normal’ and acceptable one, and it is off-black, almost dark brown-green.
  • These are still easily removed with a good make-up remover.
  • I use the lighter shades as super long wearing eye shadow.
  • There is quite a lot of product, but I do not know for sure how much is in side. But I have been using quite a lot. Including wasting it in the sharpener while sharpening it.


    • They are smudge-proof only after a few minutes of application. If you smudge it before, it might leave a little of blue-black after tone on your skin.
    • These gel-liners are too smooth and soft, and sometimes the chunk of the tip goes onto your eyelids.
    • The merchant gave me a free sharpener. I was thinking why the heck, since it is a plastic case. Apparently, you need to sharpen the plastic case. It is also impossible with the sharpener, therefore you need to shave the first coat of the plastic away before you can sharpen it like a normal pencil. Check out my pic. That is why the tip looks like shit. Their marketing excuse for this is so that it doesn’t dry out as easily as automatic pencils, and this is sheer nonsense. Why can’t they use wood. It’s such a pain in the ass when you are late for work and you can’t sharpen it.
    • As I have mentioned earlier, I wasted quite an amount of good product while sharpening. The gel gets lodged on the blade of the sharpener. It drives my OCD insane cos I have to clean it out every time. And I have to sharpen more cos that good chunk that got stuck is not usable. This is quite a vicious cycle until you find some skill to sharpen it gently, or proceed with a knife.



Other than my obvious hate for their packaging, this product really exceeds my expectations, especially considering their affordability. It might not have those fancy vitamin things to help upkeep your lids, but who knows if the expensive ones have any?

This product has been promoted from my “Testing Box” into my daily essentials pouch. 
I really recommend this product.

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