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SECRET KEY Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack


UGH! I know the BEFORE lips look super unglam, but I couldn’t pose my lips properly without cracking the layer!!!

Another impulse buy from Qoo10, and I cannot stress enough that #ibuymyownshit and I am not paid by Qoo10 or its merchants.

I bought these 2 tubes at $14.50 so I thought it was cheap considering that it is quite long wearing.

The application process is quite retarded. It definitely takes a lot of skill, and a lot of product to apply it like the picture above. It was almost half a tube. Next, I had to sit in front of my fan to speed up the drying process, which felt and smell like UHU Glue on my lips.

I am not sure if I am alone on this, but I used to spread UHU Glue on my palms so that it will form a layer that I can peel off. It was just strangely therapeutic. UHU Glue also gave off a sweet smell that I guess is probably not good for me haha. Maybe that is why I am so siao.

So yea. The application reminded me of that, and the cherry red had a very fruity berry scent, while the orange had orange scent, duh. Both are very pleasant, but there was that UHU glue note at the end lol.

Like the glue, it started to tighten onto my lips, and if I stretch it, it might tear and I have to reapply.

The trick is to squeeze a copious amount on your lips, then quickly use the tip to spread it out like how you would for jam.

The peeling process was quite satisfying for me, but I am just not very sure for people with chapped dry lips. It also leaves me with smooth lips, cos all the dead skin is stuck to the peel.

The pigment that is left is almost like magic. Really gentle hue, and if you applied it neatly then it would not look like Miranda Sings.

Miranda Sings, for your reference…

The edges are also really soft, so it can look quite natural after it fades out.


  • It isn’t that long wearing, compared to normal long wearing lipsticks.
  • Took too much effort and skills for application.
  • NOT for people who are always running late.
  • Doesn’t stay after you wipe your oily mouth after eating.
  • Looking at how much I need to use, versus how long it stays, I don’t find it cheap anymore.
  • I really wonder if it is safe for use, since it smells like UHU. I could get high.


  • I like the cherry red a lot. Not so much love for Orange.
  • Great for dates, cos you don’t leave stains on their face and lips.
  • Good for eating, cos you don’t stain your food. BUT, they fade away anyway.
  • But, these are still smudge proof to an extent, especially if you are careless like me but love red lips.
  • Waterproof. Duh.
  • I get lots of compliments and questions about this, if it is a lip tattoo.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be buying this product again, as I am not very pleased with the overall results, and not especially since I am so lazy.
I will wear it only occasionally like if I’m going to a water park, or on a special date which I will to eat my date’s face.

You can try it for novelty’s sake, and keep it at home for those special dates…but yea…

Someone needs to come up with a lip stain that is as permanent as the eyeliners, or else I’m gonna put eyeliners on my lips.

One word to sum this experience up: TROUBLESOME.

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