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PROPOLINSE Natural Oral Mouth Wash…You spit Cheng Tng things…

I first saw this on Qoo10 as usual, and was super amused by the crazy infomercial…

WTF right. What’s even more WTF is the weird shit that comes out of their mouths.

pang da hai
It looks kind of like ‘胖大海’ aka Sterculia lychnophora inside our favourite dessert ‘清汤’ aka Cheng Tng…I know I ruined Cheng Tng for everyone here…  LOL

It is quite costly in Tokyu Hands, like freaking $40plus for 800ml, but on Qoo10 was a little more affordable, about $30…but still…hell more compared to Listerine or Oral B.

The big question that you want answered, is if it is worth your money, and if it works…
The answer from me is No, and Yes.

Here’s some FAQ:

  1. Did the Cheng Tng thing come out of your mouth?
    1. YES. Amounts vary. But EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  2. Did the Cheng Tng thing come out of your mouth AFTER brushing and flossing your teeth?
    1. YES. I even gargled with my standard blue mouthwash, rinsed my mouth, then gargled with this product.
  3. Did you try to spit into the solution to see if it forms that Cheng Tng thing?
    1. Yes. I spit into a cup of that solution. My droplet of saliva turned into a cloudy droplet. No Cheng Tng thing.
  4. How does it taste like?
    1. Alcoholic as fuck. It’s got that very strong Aspartame (or any artificial sweetener) taste, quite sour, and a lingering (nasty) taste even after repeated rinsing with tap water. But all is tolerable, considering its effects.
  5. How much did you have to use?
    1. I used about half a capful, no need too much.
  6. What are the prolonged effects?
    1. Personally, I observed that my breath do stay ‘normal’ for a longer period, teeth doesn’t feel that slimy. It doesn’t shine the teeth or whatever, it’s just like intense cleaning. That clean feeling is quite addictive.
  7. Did it really ‘cure’ bad breath?
    1. Any one of my ex will swear that my drool is the WORST ever. Gargling before sleep really ENSURES my drool doesn’t stink as usual, but as for the morning gargle, it really depends what you eat. That will affect its ‘power’. But I think you can achieve this by gargling Vodka. Who knows?
  8. Any side effects observed?
    1. So far so good. Nothing bad happened. I’m almost done with first bottle.
  9. How long does the morning gargle last?
    1. Read #7. It depends on what you put in your mouth. But if you do not have a habit to eat anything until 10ish am like me, then it works until slightly 1pm or so, generally speaking.
  10. Does it really reduce/remove plaque?
    1. I don’t think it removes plaque, but my teeth does seem a lot less slimy. Not sure if it’s my enamel wearing out, or this shit really works big time.
  11. Will I buy another bottle?
    1. Well, I’m quite conflicted. It is quite expensive but it’s not that clear cut for me this time. Some products I will swear by it, but I think I wouldn’t die if I didn’t buy the next bottle. The second factor is that the taste is a slight torture for me, and if not for the addictive clean feeling, I would not keep this up.

I’m no expert at hygiene care, and I am frankly not a very hygienic person, dentally speaking…lol. But those are how I feel about it, and it’s quite fun seeing that Cheng Tng things coming out of your mouth. The strangest thing is, it doesn’t seem to ever reduce!!!!

I gargled and spit about 5x back to back just to see if I can finally NOT get the Cheng Tng thing, it does reduce if you do this shit, but ain’t nobody got time (and money) for gargling 5x, twice a day. But on a daily basis, I come home EVERYDAY to lots of this Cheng Tng things…

I don’t know if I have covered enough base with this post, but please ask more questions and I will just keep answering this.

Alright. Good luck with Cheng Tng after reading this.

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