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Pitch Perfect 2



I absolutely hate movies which breaks out into sing-songs. So when my younger sis forced me to watch the first Pitch Perfect, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but fervently recommended it to my friends and repeatedly watching it.

Needless to say, this sequel is on the top of my waiting list, especially after their heartstrings-tugging trailer…

First thoughts:

It’s really nice to watch the Barden Bellas once again, and be reminded of pure old friendship and camaraderie. One of the biggest antagonists of the story isn’t their competitors, but what future might hold for them, and potentially going on their separate ways.

What I like:

Dynamic and diverse character casting, well-written acapella arrangement (although I am no expert), cameo of real-life acapella acts, theme song ‘Flashlight’ written by Jessie J, Fat Amy being funny as usual, and the weird-sweet relationship between Fat Amy and Bumper.

What I don’t like:

That there were still some transgressive transgender jokes, new try-hard-to-be-awkward character Emily, Becca being detached, German stereotypes that are not funny enough.

Overall the positive parts still triumph over the negatives, and I would recommend you to watch it on a weekday but not really on an expensive peak day. Pitch Perfect 2 is frankly slightly disappointing for me, as I feel that the sequel was made because everyone had so much fun doing the first and wanted to help out for a second. I wished there was more development with the girls, but their secret moves wasn’t so spectacular as before. I was moved to tears a lot more for the first movie. I blame it on the lack of contrast. The ‘struggles’ of the girls were not portrayed properly. I honestly do not know how the 3rd will go on, and wonder if they should really make a franchise out of it or not. But I think Fat Amy deserves a whole series based on this by herself!

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