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Murphy’s Cafe: Traditional British Fish & Chips in the Heartlands!


Everytime I see Fish n Chips on a menu, I will ALWAYS choose it, much to the annoyance of my two sisters. They just don’t fucking understand why I am always ordering Fish n Chips.

I don’t know man, I’m lazy and I don’t like chewing tough meat, I love lighter tasting food, and what’s better than half a plate of CARBS? (Actually, the answer is a whole plate of carbs, I digress.)

I think I simply FUCKING LOVE FISH n CHIPS no matter how many stupid places ruin them for me.

Thankfully, Murphy’s ISN’T one of those stupid places.


I’m always so excited for cafes in my hood. But this place is honestly quite hard to find, even with google maps and live phone call navigation.

It’s right next to a joss paper specialist shop, in the middle of god knows where AMK, and even for my friend who is a true-blue Ang Mo Kio local, WE FIND IT SO DAMN DIFFICULT TO FIND.

Thankfully, the effort was all worth it. 

First Visit, for now:
The cafe is really quite small, about the size of a typical school classroom or so, quite cosy tables and chair, and a strange bar/cashier point. I can imagine that it might be a little hard to handle if this place gets hot with business. 

Its deco was of various for-sale antique clocks and many commemorative China plates featuring various British monarchs on their walls. Definitely a very warm and cosy place with a bit of the DIY feel.

The etiquette of the place is you order at the cashier point, help yourself with water and condiments, then they will serve you your drinks and dishes.

They have quite a limited and concise menu…
I will try to take better photos lol. I’m no pro-blogger just yet hehe.



Small and limited menu but they do it damn right.

I’ll choose a place which does what it does best than to have a million dishes but can’t even do their fries right.

We ordered:

  • Their signature Fish n Chips: I dare say that this is the BEST Fish n Chips in town. It is a simple and yet hard to perfect dish as you need to find that sweet spot with your batter and oil control. The crust was super crispy but not swimming in oil, and right under it, the batter was NOT SOGGY. You have no idea how much this means to me. The trick is to use damn cold and GASSY liquids when you mix the dry ingredients, and the perfect oil temperature. Not to mention that it is SO DAMN RARE THAT THEIR OIL DOESN’T SMELL BAD. What about the naked fish itself? Damn. Fluffy and moist. Not over nor under. You have no idea how much a prick I can be about this. Served with thick cut fries. I do wished they did the fries as immaculate as the Fish.
  • Fish Burger: Same damn fish on top. But with generic burger buns (sadly with margarine spread), expert level pickles, fresh veg & tomatoes and PERFECT BACON…served with same thick chips. Good for people who needs more things going on their palate.
  • Beef Burger: Same burger set up as the fish burger, but instead with beef patty. The beef patty that we were served that day, was kind of lukewarm, and for some reason the patty didn’t bind well, so it fell apart like an accountant’s cooking. The patty was not over nor undercooked, but it may be the recipe or something. Still, the taste was there and just needs a little tweaking! But hey, no one told you to go to a Fish n Chips expert to order damn beef burger…

I have yet to try ANY beverage.

I learnt that this is a franchise of an award winning Fish n Chips place, and it’s quite crazy how it can maintain so much standard across so many kilometres.

In conclusion, I am definitely going back to try a second round during peak hours to see if their standard holds, and also I am quite in love with the fish.
If you’re not too busy, and a fan of Fish n Chips, you should definitely check it out.

Blk 532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-2495, Singapore 560532
(Blk 532 AMK Ave 10, Bus 045, 088, 088B. Opp AMK ITE, Bus 050, 072, 072A, 072B, 088, 088B, 159, 159B
AMK ITE, 050, 072, 159, 159A)
Tel: +65 6452 9863
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 10pm (Sat-Sun), Last order 9:45pm

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