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MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M

We have always wanted a robot vacuum cleaner after seeing many cat on Roomba videos. As we all know, Roombas are quite pricey, so are the Samsung and LG ones. So once we saw that it was on offer on Q0010, we just made that impulse buy.

Technically speaking, this model that we got is already a year old. But we still went for it because of the Cyan color. It is a lot cuter than the rest, and frankly the specs are about the same. Tells a lot about packaging, it can cause people to make strange financial decisions. 

A very wordy post ahead, here’s a cheat sheet for you:


  • A robot doing the freaking sweeping and mopping for you. What’s not to love?
  • Your house is cleaner more often, as a result.
  • It mops. Most models don’t.
  • The mopping uses less than a cup of water for the whole house, as compared to a bucket of water for traditional mopping.
  • It has sensor so it doesn’t keep knocking into things.
  • It is smart enough to have a light memory of where it needs to get back to.
  • It is smart enough to go over and under between many legs.
  • Very portable, you don’t need the docking station for charging, so you can even clean someone else’s house.
  • It feels durable and very well-designed.
  • You can schedule daily or hourly cleaning.
  • It charges itself once it is done, or almost low.


  • You can’t put a cat on it.
  • You have to move furnishings around a little, and pick up bits of visible rubbish to prevent choking.
  • You might have to do a little detail cleaning in the nitty gritty bits.
  • The mopping function cannot clean tough stains, so you will need to pre-treat the tough stains.
  • It is for maintenance than a cleaning overhaul.
  • This isn’t the high end models, so it does not do a mapping of your area.
  • Everything is Korean.
  • 1 hr battery life, but then again, my house isn’t big.

During the unboxing, it definitely smelled like Apple products. Perhaps from the same production line? Or just the smell of electronics. There’s a really strange comforting feeling smelling new electronics…

The brand has a really cute robot mascot too. That’s what I love about the Japs and the Koreans, they bring cute to a professional level.

MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M

Our Robot came with a docking station, charger, remote control full of Korean words, rubber cleaning tool and a hook-like brush, a mop attachment and the mopping cloth itself.

We were still quite skeptical, but it was so considerate of them to have charged it for eager beavers like us who cannot wait to try it.  The robot only operates in Korean, and everything is Korean. There is voice command, but no one could utter Korean words without offending anyone in the house. Thankfully, our merchant had translated the manual into English, and soon we just pasted labels on the remote control. Sadly, I haven’t been able to utilise the voice commands.
Anyone fluent in Korean wanna help me out here?

At first look, the robot seemed to miss many spots, but it was smart enough to make really intelligent maneuvers like over and under. I don’t have any steps in my house but it has this really smart cushy-spring wheel which helps it to ascend and descend steps. I’ve seen it try going on my carpet. Speaking of carpets, our robot can’t seem to do high-pile carpets. Its ‘feelers’ sweep dust in the corners into its way, but yet it is still not perfect, which makes me wonder why they are all in round shape…Maybe they can do one with an arrow shape. Eventually, if you can resist messing with it, it will come back to the spots that it missed.

It has sensors so it doesn’t always bump its bumper into things all the time. It slows down and turns away, but it isn’t too smart with the legs of furniture. You definitely need to move things away and pick up visible rubbish to prevent it from choking.

It also has a function which you can play with it like it’s a remote controlled vehicle toy to go to places that you should, so that’s a real bonus.

Definitely worth the buy, and it exceeds its status as a novelty appliance.

Below are Features & Specifications from the merchant:


Water supply function in Mop / Catch Mop / 460㎠ mop size
Voice guidance / LifePO4 Battery
PSI Technology(Powerful suction motor skills)
ONR Technology(World’s First Shadow Mode)
State-of-the-art smart sensors(40ea)
5in1 Perpect Cleaning System
(Side brush, main brush, super-strong suction motor, damp Mop, dry Mop)

Permanent wet mop feature
Catch mop built-in :Captures the dust and other alien substances without pushing it aside
BLDC suction motor lasts about 10 years if used 1hr per day
Sweeps, captures, sucks, wipes, and dries in one cleaning route
Shadow mode to enable detailed cleaning for dark areas
Front and bottom sensors prevent from crashing and falling
Returns to recharging shelter if needed


Products Model : MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M
Color : Candy Mint, Metal Gray
Size : 348×86 / 2.7kg
Power : 220V/60Hz
Cleaning Modes : Detailed / Suction Only / Mopping Only / Shadow / Corner / Spot / Manual / Scheduled (Once / Every Day)
Sensor : Fall Protection / Brush overload detection / Lift detection / battery overload detection / wheel overload detection / dust container leak detection / Bumper detection
Control the suction power : Normal / Turbo

Dust Tank capacity : 0.6L
Water Tank capacity : 150cc(max)

LifePO4 1400mAh ( Charging and Discharging About 1,000 Times Possible / standard time )
Recharging Period : 60mins/ standard time
Battery Life : 60mins


  1. Ezri's Gravatar Ezri
    30th May 2015    

    Thanks for the review. Now Im not so worried while waiting for it to arrive!

    • xynner's Gravatar xynner
      5th June 2015    

      Hey let me know what you think about yours! My robot is such a good boy doing all the chores! I even brought it to my chalet vacay haha.

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