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Mandatory First Post



Finally, a home to all my opinions that I cannot seem to keep to myself. Right now, it’s just some friends and I running this blog.

I have actually had this in mind for about 2 years ago, just didn’t have much spare time amidst real-life money-making.

The logo is pretty simple. Scratches of pent-up frustrations on bloggers with no substantial writing or reviewing prowess. WHY are they making so much money reviewing things that they don’t give a shit about, being paid for an audience that is made of of horny masturbating men?

In months or years to come, I hope to garner more critics with professional opinion on their areas of expertise to join me in the crusade against vapid reviews/blogging. One may even choose to hide in our cloak of anonymity.

Everything will be based on proper criticisms, not PMS-worthy bashing against establishments, products and services.

Rule to self: If I am going to spend any good money on anything, I need to let my opinions be on the internet.

*Pops Champagne* Here’s to a celebratory (and lonely) pointless #firstpost!

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