A brutally honest review community NOT based on looks...


Who are we? 
Nobodies. Just regular people, except with better taste than most.

What our age group? 
Tough question. We’re ever expanding and ever evolving. We have toddlers to the elderly involved as test subjects. None were harmed in the process.

Why explicit?
Because it sounded tough. Also, we won’t sugar-coat shit.

What is… X-Com? 
Just a silly X-men inspired name for the people in our community dedicated to bring you content worthy of your short-attention span.

Yea balls. Because we are super-consumers of the capitalist wonderland. All posts under this hashtag meant that the post is completely unaffiliated and not sponsored by the brand in review.

Score. All posts with this hashtag meant that the product and/or experience is sponsored, but they did not pay to alter our opinion.
If you would like to send us stuff, or invite us to events or experiences, please contact us HERE

Ka-Ching!!! All posts with this hashtag meant that the entire post is carefully orchestrated with advertising in mind, but we will never waste your eyeballs/ accept money/ participate in campaigns that we do not see eye to eye with.
If you would like to advertise with us, or work on native advertisement, please contact us HERE.

What are the commitments of an X-Com? 
As part of the Explicit Community, you will need to generate or moderate content for at least once a month, make time for special media invitations and previews.

Why aren’t there any stupid questions here? 
If it makes you happy, we have a completely functional #askmeanything on our Tumblr ASK page. You could also submit to us totally irrelevant dick pictures or ask us anything that won’t get you punched over THERE.