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Eye Brightener as Primer??!! | THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube

THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube



My mom bought me this although it’s a Mother’s Day special product 😡

I was really amazed by the sorcery of how it really feels ice-cold during application, without any metal balls or gelling agent.

This thing is an eye-brightening product. It doesn’t claim to conceal, heal or improve your dark eye circles but there are wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E. This thing is also really tiny, so it is good for bringing it around.

I find myself quite addicted to the sensation. I feel like a drag queen putting glue stick on my face though. It doesn’t feel tacky or oily, it is more like a balm. There are also very very delicate looking shimmers in the product, which means that it will help to 3D and brighten your sunken dark eye circles.

IT ALSO FEELS LIKE A PRIMER. So I thought, should I use it as a friggin’ primer?

YES I DID. Since then, this has overtaken as my primer. It lasts longer, cheaper, and covers my pores like primer, doesn’t feel thick and plasticky unlike some primers.

This glue stick sorcery costs only $19 and it doesn’t finish as fast as primers.

One good/bad thing is that it really smells like GlueStick. I have a weird childhood liking for it so I am good to go. Not sure about you. If you don’t believe the weird cooling sorcery thing you can go to The Body Shop to test it out yourself.

My make up lasts longer because of it. It just shows that sometimes you just gotta BE CREATIVE.

If you wanna get this you better do this quick cos apparently it’s limited ed.


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