A brutally honest review community NOT based on looks...


We are constantly on the hunt for professionals, flavour-geeks, taste-makers, beauty gurus, spendthrifts weird hobbists with unique and brutally honest opinions to be part of the Explicit Community (X-com).

We are seeking:

  • Content Collaborators / Contributors / Creators / Writers / Bloggers / Journalists
  • Webmasters, Graphic Designers, Social Media Experts
  • Legal advisors
  • People who can hook us up with any of the above

Content is not limited to detailed review posts, but also breath-taking insta-worthy photographs and/or witty bite-sized opinions.

Here are some rules to abide by:

  1. The first and most important rule to being part of this community, is to #KNOWYOURSHIT.
  2. The reviews are not about you. You are not the subject.
  3. Limit #selfies to a minimum. We’re selling opinions, not your bewbs.
  4. Have a minimum commitment of 1 post per month. The more the merrier.
  5. Good photography is a must. Skills for pro-gears is a plus.
  6. You need to be Gmail, Evernote, Slack, Instagram and WordPress savvy…for a start.
  7. Strictly no abusing of this platform for your own radical agenda (e.g. Religious evangelism, racism, self-harm topics, targeted hate-speech, cyber-bullying, questionable content, and all the works).
  8. All content will be pending approval and timely quality curated.

As this is a community project, contents are all currently self-sponsored and will not be remunerated at this juncture. However, we can provide anonymity and many wonderful experiences. We will strive together to work towards more sponsored experiences which shall never affect the fidelity of our reviews. These sponsored experiences will be one of the many perks of our Explicit Contributors.

Ultimately, you want to join us because you want to improve the internet with better structured, technical and balanced comments, reviews, and criticisms more than anything.

If we have just described your hearts’ desire, we could be best friends!

Write to us, with a link(s) to your writing samples, and anything else that you would like to show-off. We’ll let you know what we think, perhaps over a great cup of coffee (or beer) on us.