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Eye Brightener as Primer??!! | THE BO...

Eye Brightener as Primer??!! | THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube

THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube   My mom bought me this although it’s a Mother’s Day special product 😡 I was really amazed by the sorcery of how it really feels ice-cold during application, without any metal balls or gelling agent. This thing is an eye-brightening product. It doesn’t claim to conceal, […]

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

  I absolutely hate movies which breaks out into sing-songs. So when my younger sis forced me to watch the first Pitch Perfect, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but fervently recommended it to my friends and repeatedly watching it. Needless to say, this sequel is on the top of my waiting list, especially after […]

Mandatory First Post


Finally, a home to all my opinions that I cannot seem to keep to myself. Right now, it’s just some friends and I running this blog. I have actually had this in mind for about 2 years ago, just didn’t have much spare time amidst real-life money-making. The logo is pretty simple. Scratches of pent-up […]