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PROPOLINSE Natural Oral Mouth Wash...

PROPOLINSE Natural Oral Mouth Wash…You spit Cheng Tng things…

#propolinse蜂蜜漱口水 #propolinsemouthwash Test 2. This time I tried spitting into the solution, but it only turns cloudy and none of the black things formed. Then, I gargled 30s and spit out the evil within me. Not sure how this #sorcery worked, but it did. And it lasted a good half day, I could feel it’s […]

Murphy’s Cafe: Traditional Brit...

Murphy’s Cafe: Traditional British Fish & Chips in the Heartlands!

  Everytime I see Fish n Chips on a menu, I will ALWAYS choose it, much to the annoyance of my two sisters. They just don’t fucking understand why I am always ordering Fish n Chips. I don’t know man, I’m lazy and I don’t like chewing tough meat, I love lighter tasting food, and […]

Which Android Phone Suits You?

Which Android Phone Suits You?

I saw this article on Engadget: Google can tell you which Android phone you should buy   And I was pretty captured by the silly Android avatars…and I love these silly tests… and I gave it a try! The whole experience is very detailed, asking the right questions and very easy graphic MCQ…Here’s my diagnosis…Damn […]

Eye Brightener as Primer??!! | THE BO...

Eye Brightener as Primer??!! | THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube

THE BODY SHOP: Limited Edition Vitamin E Eyes Cube   My mom bought me this although it’s a Mother’s Day special product 😡 I was really amazed by the sorcery of how it really feels ice-cold during application, without any metal balls or gelling agent. This thing is an eye-brightening product. It doesn’t claim to conceal, […]

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

  I absolutely hate movies which breaks out into sing-songs. So when my younger sis forced me to watch the first Pitch Perfect, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but fervently recommended it to my friends and repeatedly watching it. Needless to say, this sequel is on the top of my waiting list, especially after […]

SECRET KEY Secret Kiss Twinkle Waterp...

SECRET KEY Secret Kiss Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner

I bought these gel-liners on Qoo10 strictly on impulse, because I saw the color swatches and had to join in the current trend of colored eyeliners. From top to bottom: #09 Warm Bronze, #11 Burgundy, #04 Golden Khaki x 2 Not paid by Qoo10 or the merchant, but I bought 1+1+1+1 at about $12.99 (special […]



I know I look like an idiot/ Bomberman. For those of you millennial-brats who don’t know what Bomberman is… I know what you are thinking, you’re a skeptic. Just like me. How it works: You just put it on like a face-hugger and then breathe normally underwater, hence, its branding name ‘EASYBREATH’. I tried it […]

The Last: Naruto the Movie

The Last: Naruto the Movie

I am definitely in a state of mourning. As we all know, the Naruto Manga series has finally come to an end…after a weird as fuck final battle arc. We got to know who and who had the sex, and what they become in their future. Here’s the last Naruto movie, or so they claim […]



This highly anticipated Avengers Sequel with record-busting production budget is finally here…and movies like these make me feel really luck to be alive to watch it. I’ll admit now, I am not a Marvel or comic book fan, and therefore I know shit about the original story vs. the movie. I”m just here to give […]

MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M

MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M

#MONEUAL Cling Cling MR6803M Hybrid Vacuum Robot Cleaner! #vacuumrobot #robotcleaner #koreanhomeappliances #koreanproducts #cute #robotpet A video posted by EXPLICIT REVIEWS .ORG (@explicitreviews) on Apr 25, 2015 at 6:11am PDT We have always wanted a robot vacuum cleaner after seeing many cat on Roomba videos. As we all know, Roombas are quite pricey, so are the […]